Inventions that changed the world

For Research Project 1 you will choose an invention and find out all you can about it from a variety of sources.
Your report should be about 800 words long and should include at least 6 references and at least 4 in line citations. This is the minimum and you will need more if you hope to get a higher grade.
Below is a suggested structure for the assignment but individual assignments will be different depending on the topic chosen.
You will introduce your choice and indicate why you chose it.
Body 1
• Who made this invention and where and when did it happen?
• What was invented before this?
• How was it made and what difficulties were faced in the design/invention process?
• How were these difficulties overcome?
Body 2
• How did this invention revolutionize its area?
• How does it makes things better, easier, possible?
• How has it changed since it was invented?
• How is the latest version better than the original?
Body 3
• How has this invention changed your life?
• How would your life be different if it had not been invented?
• Why did you choose to write about this invention? Please write more detail here to justify your choice.
Here you should conclude on your topic and briefly reiterate why this invention is
So important.

As mentioned the above is only one possible way to organize the assignment and yours may be quite different.

List of possible inventions:
• The camera
• The internal combustion engine
• The printing press
• The iPod/iPad
• The television
• The piano
• The word processor
• The aeroplane/airplane
• The gun
• The weaving loom
• The clock/watch
• The microwave oven
Your teacher will tell when you should submit your assignment.