Introduction to pharmaceutics


Introduction to pharmaceutics
Reading: Ansel Pages 3-5. The Heritage of Pharmacy

Please note that the pdf of the book is located in the Week 1 folder.

Assignment: Short Essay 500 words.
Assignment: Please write a short essay using the following prompt: Compare and contrast early and modern apothecaries with respect to the alleviation

of disease.
Please follow the Wiki link on Compare and Contrast Essay Writing as well as the examples I have provided. You will be graded on the following for this

1. Brainstorming: Development of a Flowchart or Venn Diagram for the topic. Pay close attention to areas of overlap. The flowchart must accompany your

2. Main points: Identification of significant areas where alleviation of disease is different and similar. An examination of apothecaries from a

cultural perspective is expected.
3. Development: You are seeking to develop an essay based on the trajectory of disease treatment. You are not assessing whether one method is better

than the other.
4. Organization: Your essay will be graded on logical organization. Please note that chronological order will make sense to you but in some cases,

creative chronology may work for this type of comparison.
5. Grammar: Syntax and appropriate grammar usage will be graded.
6. Citations: APA formatting is expected. The use of at least 2 scholarly articles is expected.