Introduction to management

Assignment requirements.

This assignment can not be longer than 1,000 words(not including your organization chart) based on the commentaryprovided 10. Please use Microsoft Word or a compatible rich text format (.rtf) when preparing your essay, and Word, Excel, or a .pdf format when preparing the organizational chart.

Although much of the assignment content is based on Lesson 10, you may find the content in the other lessons helpful, especially as you evaluate the organization.

The assignment as to have all the below information as follows.

Evaluate the structure of an organization of your choosing. Provide an organization chart for the top three or four levels of the organization (20 marks).

As part of your evaluation, assess the appropriateness of the method of departmentalization (20 marks), as well as the implications for authority (20 marks) and job design (20 marks). Conclude your evaluation with your recommendation for how this organization should be organized (10 marks).

In preparing your evaluation, keep in mind that you are expected to express yourself in a well-written, error-free essay (10 marks).

As you work on this assignment, don’t lose sight of the fact that you are being asked to evaluate the organizational structure. So while you will definitely have to describe it, you must also evaluate whether or not its various aspects are appropriate in light of what you know about this organization. In other words, you have to decide whether it is the rightstructure in light of the organization’s goals and objectives. Another thing to note here is that, while the structures of smaller organizations will be more easily evaluated, sufficient information about them will be more difficult to come by unless you choose an organization with which you are familiar. The final thing to note here is that, for this assignment, you may use the organization for which you work or one for which you have worked in the past.

As with Assignment 1, you are once again being asked to achieve the assignment’s objective with a well-crafted essay of no more than 1,000 words (not including your organization chart). As before, please ensure that your name, your student ID, and the name of your organization are clearly stated at the start of your assignment. (This information is not included in the 1,000-word maximum.) When your assignment is complete, return to this page and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to submit it.