Interventions for Addiction Disorders


Interventions for Addiction Disorders
For this discussion, watch the following video clip, taken from the series Brief Therapy forAddictions (Allyn & Bacon, 2000). Led by Dr. John Norcross,

the session taped for this video will demonstrate how to identify the stages people go through in addressing and confronting addictions.

To watch the selected clip, click the link below and enter your ESC log-in. If the video appears but it starts from the beginning, simply select the

“Clips” tab from the box on the right side of the video and select the title of your video from the list.

Stages of Change [36:42]

After watching the video, address these points:

What stage of change does this person appear to be at regarding his substance use disorder?
If the person was using more than one drug, was his stage of change different for each drug/problem he identified?
What did you identify in terms of this person’s readiness, willingness, and ability to address his substance use problem?
What defense mechanisms did this person use to justify his continued use or inability to quit?
Which of the DSM diagnostic criteria for an addictive disorder does the person appear to meet?
What further questions would you have for this person that might aid you in your assessment and diagnosis of an addictive disorder?