Intervention program

Intervention program
The intervention program will be based on the results of the informal reading inventory.

Candidates will develop a plan that is designed to address the needs of the child and describe
how and why this program, the steps and activities will benefit the student. The candidate
will analyze and reflect on the program. Each activity will be discussed in detail. Assessment
discussion should specify which assessments will be used and the rationale, how often they
will be administered. Identify the areas and skills that will be assessed. Candidates will use
information, if the child has or has not mastered, the skill, to create next steps. An
explanation of how assessments, including formative and summative assessments, will be
used for further planning should be included. Intervention plan should be aligned with the
common core standards. Course texts and outside sources will be used to support discussion.

The intervention program should include the following sections.

1. Abstract that summarizes the paper. It should be written after you have completed the paper.
Please see: mp://

z. Rationale- describes how and why program decisions were made.

3. Program description- explanation of the program including implementation, next steps and

4. Assessments – describe which assessments will be used, how they will be administered, what
will be assessed and how assessments will be used. Describe how the assessments are linked
to the Common Core Learning Standards.

5. Conclusion -including suggestions for teachers and parents.

6. Bibliography- that includes at least 18 uniquely cited sources.