interim report

1. Copy the objectives/aspiration statement that you declared in the section of your week 2 report and paste it here.
At the end of this internship I want to experience the working process in the most efficient way possible. Also, I would like to enhance my communication skills especially with managers and supervisiors

2.1 With more intelligence about the internship now, did you change or adapt your goals/aspirations over the past month? Retype your goals/aspiration statement here with any changes and then comment on why it was necessary to make the change(s).

2.2 Describe how are you measuring up to these goals/aspirations now? (Give examples/ reasons/evidence.)

Note:You can take your chances to write a lot of rubbish here that you think the internship instructor would like to hear, but that is a useless idea. The internship instructor worked intensively with internship students and co-operative education students in different parts of the world, so there is little chance of shock or surprises and lots of chance for missing the purpose of a reflective review. Privacy: Furthermore, this report is confidential between you, the internship instructor and whoever else YOU show this report to. Your employer has no right to demand this report or any other reports that you share with COBA… unless you use the organisation’s property to generate or store this information.

This is supposed to be an honest(cite evidence/examples), critical(positives and negatives), and reflective(related to your own experiences, interpretations, and feelings) report – it will be graded in terms of these three criteria. If you are not sure of reflective papers, first do a google search on the topic to inform yourself of the nature of this type of narrative.

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