Intercultural Verbal & Nonverbal Communication Analysis



Select a culture that is different from your own and analyze the verbal and nonverbal communication style this culture exhibits. Write proper sentences with correct grammar and spelling. Do not use bullet points or list style format. You should have at least four (4) sources. Cite your sources within the text as well as in your References at the end of your paper. Your analysis should follow the following outline:

Part 1:

Begin with an introduction of the concepts. Using your own words and with proper APA style citations, define Intercultural Communication, Verbal Communication, and Nonverbal Communication. Each of your definitions should be properly cited with the source you used.

Part 2:

Transition into explaining the culture you chose to analyze. Provide a brief description of the culture first and then begin your analysis of its verbal and nonverbal communication styles. Select at least three (3) very specific concepts such as high-context and low-context cultures, direct and indirect communication styles, variations in verbal languages, display of artifacts, etc.

For example, if you chose the Japanese culture you could discuss that it is a high-context culture, people avoid direct conflicts to save face, their use of silence. If you chose the German culture, you may want to talk about the importance of time, direct communication style, value of personal space.

Describe what each concept is and provide at least one example of how this is visible in the culture you chose. When you describe the concept, remember to cite the source you used to learn about the concept. This does not have to be the textbook, you can use the CTX Library, credible internet sources, and other books.

Part 3:

Write a conclusion summarizing what you have learned about the culture and how this awareness can help you become better at intercultural communication.

Part 4:

Include a Reference page with a minimum of four (4) credible sources that helped you define and describe the communication concepts and the culture. Cite your sources in proper APA style.