Information Resources Management

  1. There is a vast amount of intelligence collected and analyzed each day by many of the methods discussed in your text, and in an article on information operations, The Hard Reality of Soft Power by Dr. Dan Kuehl, who presented his work to the Information Resources Management College, National Defense University: (also available in Course Documents).
  2. Scroll to Chapter 3, “Information Protection – The Challenge of Modern Bureacracies” and read pages 40 to 52.
  3. An increasing concern of inteligence operations is defending against a cyber attack. Part of the equation is to conduct defensive information operations, the second part is the need to protect “oneself from oneself”–or information fratricide. Discuss the challenge of protecting and defending against these types of cyber attacks, detecting them, and restoring capabilities after an attack.
  4. Write a one-page, double-spaced response addressing Information Protection and Cyber Warfare.
  5. Submit your assignment using the “Submit week 15: One-Page Response” link below.