This is a continuation of your Unit 5 Assignment. Drawing upon the theory you chose for your presentation, you are to compose an APA-formatted

paper addressing the following questions:

•In what way(s) can you identify with this style? How do you differ?

•Name an organization that has adopted this style and describe whether it was successful. (Your textbook could help you with this.)

•Consider the following scenario and apply your management style to it. How would you act in your chosen management style? You are the director

of Tri-County Home Health Agency and, due to financial reasons, you are to implement an RIF (reduction in force), also known as a lay-off. How

will you decide which jobs will have to be eliminated, who will be in on the decision-making process, and how will you notify employees about

your decisions?

course textbook:
Title:Haimann’s Healthcare Management, 9th ed
Author:Dunn, R
ISBN 13: 978-1-56793-358-1
Publisher:Health Administration Press