Infant Observation


Infant Observation: Chapter 5, 6, & 7 Terminology to use with Observation #1

Instructions: It is your responsibility to arrange a time and place to observe an infant from 3 months to 18 months (NOTE 19 months is to old. Make sure

your Infant/Toddler is between 3 to 18 months). The infant MUST be between those ages. Your observation will be based upon what you have read in Chapters

5-7, what has been covered during lecture, and any videos that were shown. In your observation you must use the terminology that was covered in Chapters 5

-7 for that specific age. At the end of your observation you MUST apply Developmental Theory as covered in Chapter 2 and at the end of Chapter 7 (pages

224-230 10th edition.). You must give 3-5 examples for your developmental theory. Your analysis of the infant must include Physical, Cognitive and

Language, Psychosocial and if the child is typical or Atypical in their development and WHY. This observation should be at least three pages and no more

than eight pages.

Be sure to include the following in your observation.

Body size (in your observation you should comment on body size)
Motor Skills (reflexes and learned; fine and gross)
Circular Reactions (primary, secondary, tertiary)
6 stages of Sensorimotor intelligence
Object permanence
Deferred imitation
People preference
Language (babbling, single words, holophrase, naming explosion)
Child-directed speech
Social smile
Stranger wariness
Separation anxiety
Attachment (signs of)
Social referencing
And the theories at the end of chapter 7 and in Chapter 2
Bronfenbrenner System