Individual Factors and the Stress Profile/The Management of Stress and Tension


Individual Factors and the Stress Profile/The Management of Stress and Tension

. If you are an iTunes user, use free podcasts on this site for this optional assignment. Download the program iTunes ( to your computer if you do not already have it.

. The program is free and trustworthy. Once downloaded, open the itunes Store (on left menu bar), then click on Podcasts located in the Store itunes Store window on the left side of the store front. Inside the Podcasts area, in the Categories window, and explore options related to the content of the course. You may also type topics into the search window in the upper right hand side and explore the results.

Choose a podcast that looks interesting to you and subscribe by clicking on the name. After you subscribe, it should start downloading podcasts to your itunes library. You can then listen to them on your computer or download to your ipod or MP3 player and take with you. Most subscriptions are free.

. Work with the podcasts awhile and then post the following critique:

a. The author or sponsor of the podcast and the URL of the site if not from itunes.

b. Your description and evaluation, approximately 500-600 words, of the information provided, including:
Identification of stress related information
. The purpose or objectives of the source or service; usefulness, appropriateness and credibility

. An evaluation of your experience using the podcast including the portability, ease of following the instructions, usefulness for your stress reduction practice and whether you would recommend this podcast to someone else.

. Is there an advantage or disadvantage to using a podcast form over book or Internet format?

APA style with citations, mini