In your opinion, in what policy area (s) is there a clear need for national responsibility? Explain your response.

I am looking for posts to:

  • Respond to the question asked with a minimum of 250 words; however, meeting the minimum length requirement does not guarantee you full credit, knowledge and substance matter.
  • Exhibit understanding of the material
  • Draw insight from your experience and course material
  • Provide supporting content from the readings or other sources to back up your argument. If paraphrasing and/or quoting a passage, please cite the source!! This allows the reader (fellow students and instructor) to see the context of the quote and potentially provide a counter-interpretation.


  • Furthermore
    • Posts that are non-responsive, vague, unrelated to the weekly topic, or that rely mostly on personal opinion without reference to course material will receive a ZERO.
    • Write your posts as you would write an essay; using paragraphs, proper grammar and spelling. Posts that do not comply with the required format or contain typos and/or poor grammar will be graded down.
    • You must use a formal writing style (avoid slang) and ALWAYS cite your sources including your textbook and other course material. Follow the APA style of writing, always use in-text citations and provide a ”references” section at the end.
    • Students who don’t meet the minimum requirements will NOT get partial credit.




Required Sources










Suggested reading sources



  • Find resources and publications on the study of federalism and a great variety of issues in the U.S. in the Federalist Society




Discussion Topic


The following multi-part question encourages you to reflect on the concept of federalism and the role of government in people’s lives. Please provide a complete answer, DO NOT SKIP any part. Here is what you need to do:


  1. Start by discussing the concept of federalism and how it works. What is the foundation for states’ rights?


  1. In your opinion, in what policy area (s) is there a clear need for national responsibility? Explain your response.

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