Improving exiting WiFi structure with Cisco Umbrella

If analysis is the WHAT, then design is the HOW. Describe how you will develop, test, and implement your proposed solution. It is time you

got technical (i.e. mention the underlying technologies, tools, and techniques). Different project types often have different visual design

elements. For example, a networking project may include the network diagram. An application development project may include an ERD. And so on.
Remember this: if you give the design specifications document to the developer, they would know exactly what to do and how.
Additional useful elements, when applicable, include: screenshots of design elements (e.g. GUI).
Think of the development as the work needed to produce your proposed solution or product. Examples: programming for software projects;

scanning and exploiting (testing) for penetration testing projects; interviewing and conducting surveys for ISO implementation projects; and so on.
Write at least 500 words that thoroughly explain your work in the development phase. This section must include the development tools you selected,

along with your rationale; a discussion of the specific tools (programming language, database, network configuration) used in the development. All

outputs of the design phase should be properly utilized as inputs for the development phase. Include code or configuration files that are created

while development of the proposed system.
Different project types may have different development approaches. Discuss this with your project mentor.