1. The file named “Immigrant Interview Guideline” is the prompt of this assignment. Please read the details of the prompt carefully, it’s really important. The immigrant interview requires you to have a talk with someone who has moved to the United States. So you might need some background info about me: I’m an international student from China, female, senior, major in business. Because the person you are interviewing should be someone I know, so he/she should also be a Chinese. Be sure you keep the focus on the immigrant experience and not on life back home. Of course, you will need to touch on that, but do so only as much as needed.
2. The file named “3_Interviewing” is the PPT of this week’s class. You could see it before writing.
3. The file named “MediaWritingStyleTips” is the requirement of this media writing class. Don’t forget the lead should be no more than 35 words. Body paragraphs can be no more than 40 words.