Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management
 Assignment: HRM-Essay
The main purpose in writing an essay is to convince the reader that your position or point of view is valid, well-justified, and well-substantiated by relevant research. The process of arguing the case to arrive at the conclusion is as important as the conclusion itself.
For this assignment it is required that you select one of the five starter topics below and give your opinion on that topic, supported with at least 1 example from an external source (internet: scholarly journal, book, presentation, whitepaper, blog, etc. These questions are related to the topic(s) from the HRM lectures 4, 5 and 6. (see attached slides and HRM Reader). You are NOT allowed to change your chosen topic, but you are allowed to give it your own direction. Select one of the following topics for your essay:
1. Name and discuss three issues facing Human Resource Management in the changing international business environment with examples
2. Explain the importance of Human Capital in international organizations. Name at least three recent initiatives of international companies that support your view.
3. Describe and explain the (dis)advantages of a Global HR System based on a real company case.
4. Explain how Knowledge Management can revolutionize the way an organization functions. Use the steps of the KM Cycle (HRM reader) to support your view.
5. Choose a multinational organization of your own choice (think of:Coca-Cola®, LG®, Nestlé®, IBM®, Anheuser-Busch, Starbucks®, etc.). Explain:
o The goals and strategy of the organization in the mission statement, values, and goals;
o The goals and strategy of HR in the career-related web pages;
o Review further pertinent information about the company on its site or other informational websites;
o How the organization has aligned the HR strategy with the organization’s strategy and why alignment is important.