Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management
Individual Essay.
As you have discovered, there are numerous responsibilities that arguably identify the ‘best’ way to manage people at work.
With reference to the topics on Human Resource Management (HRM) covered in your module, and by the visiting speaker, discuss in what ways two of the following areas of HRM might support the strategies used by your chosen industry (Airline and Airport) and or specific organisation to ensure their success?
• Recruitment and Selection
• Training and Development
• Rewarding people
• Managing Performance
• Consultation and Participation
• Dealing with discipline and grievances
• Legal requirements

General Guidance
You should show that you have done a wide range of reading on the topic, and that you have analysed the strengths and weakness of the HRM contribution to your industry.
Your essay should demonstrate that you have:
• Scanned and evaluated a wide selection of sources, including journals, to be used for the essay
• Used the selected sources in an appropriate manner
• Developed your arguments based on evidence from your reading
• Reached an overall conclusion based on your arguments
• Correctly used Harvard referencing and citations
• Followed correct essay format


The Marking Guide below will explain how you will be assessed and should be used as a self-evaluation checklist before submission to ensure you meet the assignment requirements.

These are the criteria that you will be assessed upon:
Knowledge and understanding
Has a detailed knowledge of major disciplines and an awareness of a variety of ideas/ contexts/ frameworks which may be applied to this. (40 marks)
Application in context
Simple but unpredictable or complex but predictable contexts demanding application of a wide range of techniques. (15 marks)
Can analyse a range of information with minimal guidance, can apply major theories of the discipline and can compare alternative methods / techniques for obtaining data (25 marks)
Can select appropriate techniques of evaluation and can evaluate the relevance and significance of data. (10 marks)
Communication and presentation
Can communicate effectively in a format appropriate to the discipline and report practical procedures in a clear and concise manner with all relevant information in a variety of formats. (10 marks)