how liposomes work in the body


want a short 50 to 10 page review of how liposomes work in the body, deliver nutrition, etc. That has some parts that are highly scientific but an

introduction that is for lay people.
I want the introduction to be for lay people (why nutrients don’t absorb and how liposomes work) followed by college level of how liposomes work and

delivery of various vitamins and herbs.
It is also designed to act as a marketing tool to help solidify me as an expert in the field.

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A liposome is a small sphere comprised of a lipid bilayer, where a payload can be introduced into the inner sphere or into the membrane itself (Figure 1).

Orally administered liposomal technology has emerged as a promising remedy to low nutritional bioavailability in humans. Liposomes made of synthetic

materials are currently used by pharmaceutical companies for improved drug delivery. However, cutting edge supplement companies are using this same

methodology as a delivery method for a variety of low-bioavailability materials that include vitamins (e.g. C (see figure 2), D, and B complexes), minerals

such as magnesium, natural products such as curcumin and resveratrol, important cellular detoxifiers and radical scavengers such as glutathione (GSH), and

even fatty acids such as omega-3 DHA. With each of these materials, the liposomes help to overcome each nutrient’s various hurdles to absorption.

Furthermore, as long as the liposomes are made of high quality ingredients such as phosphatidylcholine, the liposome itself becomes nutrition for the

liver, brain, mitochondria, eyes, and most essential cells in the human body.
Liposomes work by initially protecting the payload (e.g. vitamin C and glutathione) from the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. Once past the

stomach, the payload is delivered where needed by absorption through one of the many mechanisms available to liposomes. This higher absorption of

nutrition allows its full benefit to be realized. An added advantage of liposomes is increased circulation time of the payload, which ensures that each

part of the body receives the nutrition it requires.


The writing should cover the use of liposomal nutrition (herbs, vitamins, minerals) to increase efficacy and absorption.

Also, it should stress three use of natural (no synthetics) ingredients. I am promoting my natural manufacturing method.

The writing should only very briefly discuss liposome manufacturing but my method does not use organic solvents, high temperature nor pressure which yields

more stable and effective liposomes.