history journal 2

The Art of War is noted for its realistic assessment of the political constraints of warfare. It is part drill book, part tactical survey, and part political treatise. Its advice has been followed for centuries and it continues to be consulted by modern Chinese leaders. In recent years it has been promoted as a tool in business schools in Japan and the United States.

Although almost nothing is known of the life of Sun-tzu, his tract, The Art of War, has been one of the most influential military handbooks in world history. Legend has it that he served the Wu dynasty after being challenged by the emperor to make an effective army out of his concubines. Sun-tzu placed the emperor’s two favorites at the head of two different files of concubines and when they failed to discipline their charges he cut their heads off despite the protests of the emperor. After that the concubines drilled effectively. He became known as Sun, the warrior, and is reputed never to have lost a battle.

Answer these questions in a 300-500 word essay. Make sure you put these in context using the textbook(Jerry H. Bentley & Herb Zeigler. Traditions & Encounters, Vol. 1 From the Beginnings to 1500, 6th Ed. 2015). Use the document for examples.

The Art of War has been used to illustrate the creativity of Zhou thought. Why? What does the Art of War tell us about the society for which it was written? What were its values and view of human nature?