In this assignment you will create a video timeline history of the 9/11 attacks and ensuing events. Using various online video resources, students will locate video links that show the events of 9/11 and beyond as they happened. Each student will place the link or embed the video on a slideshow presentation slide and write a short paragraph describing the event and the source of the video. Please address each of the following prompts for each video:
What event is the video showing?
What is the source of the video you are showing?
What is the video showing? What stands out about it?
Based on the reaction of the videographer, what is the impact of the event on the people describing it and viewing it?
Why did you select this particular video or event?
Please provide one video to illustrate five of the indicated events below, with at least one event from each column. You will locate a total of five different videos to represent the five events you select. Each event will have one slide with the video linked or embedded onto the slide and a short paragraph answering the questions above
September 11, 2001 Beyond 9/11
The Collision in the 1st Tower Ground Zero, the rescue efforts and search for the missing
The 2nd Plane Hits al-Qaeda was responsible
The Pentagon or the Pennsylvania Crash Invasion of Afghanistan
The Towers Collapse
President Bush addresses America

Submit your completed project to the Project: A Video Timeline of 9/11 and Beyond link for grading. Your assignment will be graded according the following rubric.