Choose 7 out of 10 and answer each question fully. All answers must be in full sentences and at least one paragraph long.
1- Compare and Contrast Surrealism and Cubism, giving examples of the each type of art form.
2- Describe at least two new technological developments of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. ( 1875-1945).
3- Explain the correlation between a country´s economy and its level of new technologies. ( map technologies)
4- Compare and Contrast traditional propaganda, such as the type from World War 1 with modern- day propaganda.
5- Describe how nationalism and the relationship between different European countries led to World War 1.
6- Discuss the role of imperialism in at least three different conflicts covered in class. ( war, imperialism, bottle, land).
7- Explain ethnocentrism and the role it played in colonization( in my words, how i see).
8- Discuss the reasons wh the United Stated chose to drop ” Little boy” and “Fat man”. In your answer, you must include the other options that could have been employed.
9- Compare and Contrast nuclear power with at least two other types of sustainable enerny.
10- Explain at least three issues related to moving away from fossil-fuel based energy.
Part 2: Either choise A or choise B. Choose 1 only: You must write a 4-6 paragraph essay on either of the following topics. A complete essay must include examples and detailed information.
A: Describe some of the popular consumer items and new technologies introduced to Western Europeans and U.S.- American after the start of the 20th century? How did these items influence changes in culture, artistic expressions, and new social understandings of different cultural groups(i.e. genger, socio-economic, ethnic)? How has production and consumers demands of certain everyday items influenced colonialist policies throughout the 20th and 21st centuries ? For what purposes do foreign governments and foreign companies feel compelled to maintain control and influence over certain industries in foreign region? What are some consequences of these actions? ( talk about imperialism too).
B: What is the difference between cultural intelligence(CQ) and cultural knowledge? From the filme, Empire of the Sun, describe how Jim gains cultural intelligence. Include many specific examples and explain in detail what influenced his cultural education before and after the Japanese invasion into Shanghai, China. Describe the levels of CQ shown by some of the Japanese characters from the film. In relation to CQ, briefly explain the xenophobic effects on Chinese and Japanese people as a result of Western colonialist and corporate influences in East Asia before World War 2. How did such influences contribute to the expasion of Japan´s empire and the outbreak of war during the 1930s?