Healthy Community, Eating Habits versus Obese Children and Fast Food

In one paragraph of 9-72 sentences, summarize a controversy taking place in 5
1 / 275 your community or region, ideally a topic you know personally or through close observation. Follow
these steps: – Include a topic sentence in which you describe the context surrounding the debate
$3.50 ( Total: $3.50) and establish that the debate has merit. – Stay completely neutral and provide information on one
side of the debate. – Use an appropriate transitional word, phrase, or sentence, and then, while
Essay Writing staying completely neutral, provide information on the opposing side of the debate. Sometimes,
there are more than two sides, and when this is the case, add another transition and then a third
Master argument that opposes the others. – Conclude neutrally, or practice what you will have to do for the
argumentative essay (Unit 5), and add your considered opinion (thesis). If you do the latter, just
MLA make sure to use an academic tone, which means you must not use ”I think” or ”I believe” and the