health policy

For this assignment, you will write a health policy brief that a decision maker in the policy world would use to get information on a policy issue. Typically, health policy briefs identify a specific problem, describe why the problem is important, identify who is involved and what influence they have, describe possible solutions, and present an analysis of the options.
Step 1 – Why I chose the topic ( Done)
Step 2 – Substantiating the need for health policy action.( Done)
Step 3 – What are the possible policy solutions and the advantages and disadvantages of each solution? (Done)
Step 4 – Final submission ( I need this please)
For the final brief submission, I don’t want you to cut and paste all these pieces together and call it a day. You will need to work on the organization of the whole brief and create one meaningful document. You will definitely need to create subheadings that allow the reader to just go directly to the part of the brief they are interested in reading. The final brief needs to flow, which will mean that you may need to move some items around, delete some material and create new material. This submission should be 3 pages single spaced (maximum). If your submission is less than 3 pages, make sure that you are still including all the necessary material.

Remember, your writing should be very concise and evidence based. The brief should not be based on opinion, but on factual evidence


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