Health food stores and the chemical preparations sold by these retail stores.

(Possible Points to consider in your paper: How are they looked upon by traditional American medical community? Should they go through a different review process by the FDA then they are currently; What are the current safeguards for the public? Examples of the benefits and hazards of these preparations e.g. tryptophan, Fen-Fen, glucosamine and chrondrotin.)
A generally accepted minimum is 8 references, of which at least 6 should be from peer reviewed original manuscripts, review papers, or peer reviewed WEB sites, not textbook chapters. A reference must be complete with title, authors, journal/text/Web site, year, volume, and inclusive page numbers. The references must be included on the last slides of your presentation. ??If any resources are used from another web site, such as an image, please reference the site on the same slide as the borrowed resource.
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