Health Care


After completing lesson two, identify and post two ways that the healthcare professional can incorporate gender-sensitive teaching into a health education program in a health or educational facility. Read your classmates and add comments. Be sure and review and address the three general education principles that help promote gender-sensitive education. (See article Lesson Two).
See grading criteria under “getting started”.

Criteria for the discussions:

• The initial post should have 200 or more words (original post). Plagiarism has “zero” grade and can be subject to disciplinary actions. Read about academic dishonesty. We have tools to detect plagiarism. Please do not copy and paste anything. I see a warning label when plagiarism is detected. It is ugly!!!
• Responses should have 50-100 words reply post (minimum two responses). “Thank you for sharing ideas” and “I agree with your post” are not considered responses.
• The posts cover every detail in the discussion description
• The. Late posting will be penalized with 10 points per day.
• The writings should have college-level grammar, punctuation, and spell-checked
• The students should not use wordiness (lower grade).
• The writers use citations in APA format when using other sources. In this case do not copy and paste. Paraphrase the ideas. APA style gives you extra credit points!!!
• Your work will not be available for grading by your instructor until you have submitted the three posts (initial plus responses).

Grading Criteria
1. Good post (meaningful); covered all the required information (without wordiness)? 60%
2. Post was the required length? 10%
3. Replied to two or more students? 20%
4. Work was college-level writing, spell-checked, grammatically correct, and student used proper punctuation and capitalization? 10%
5. Use of citations when needed using APA style. Extra credit (10%).