Having a Growth Mindset Makes it Easier to Develop New Interests”?

What I came up with from the reading

Mindset is our beliefs about the ability to dictate what goals we set for ourselves. According to O’keefe, Dweck and Walton the value of growth mindset is commitment and investment that can grow over time.
The difference between having a growth mindset and a fixed mindset is the ability to want change. A person that has a growth mindset learns from criticism and is willing to accept criticism despite challenges or obstacles because it embraces challenges. They work hard, put effort into whatever it is their doing and is determine. They tend to take risk and strive for greatness. A person with a fixed mindset believes that intelligence is static meaning it can’t be changed, it prevents growth. They tend to avoid challenges and give up easily. They avoid anything that seem difficult and is less open for change.
A fixed mindset and the effects it has on learning is a person is more concerned about being judge that they will avoid situations that they feel is challenging, while a person with a growth mindset see failure as a learning process a way to be better.
My knowledge of a fixed and growth mindset is you will not grow if you don’t have the mindset to want to change or grow. Mindsets can be change if you change your beliefs. Personal growth is important because it’s the process of understanding and developing oneself to achieve your goal.

The questions to answer
1. Summarize what they learned through their research studies on fixed and growth mindset in college students. What, according to O’Keefe, Dweck, and Walton, is the value of a growth mindset?
2. Next, what connections can you make between the ideas put forth in “Nice Try is Not Enough!” by KJ Dell’Antonia, which focuses on how to encourage growth mindset in children, and those presented in “Having a Growth Mindset Makes it Easier to Develop New Interests”?
3. Finally, to conclude, explain how your own knowledge and experiences of teaching and learning connect to the ideas put forth in one or both of the essays