Group Research Report

A group report intergrating the individual elements of the annotated bibilography which highlights a critical analysis of the evidence. PLEASE, REFER TO THE GROUP INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED for more information. REMENBER, the goup annotation bibiliography has been completed by group. All I am asking now is to WRITE A REPORT integrating, synthesizing and summarizing the the annotated bibliographies for the HR Manager. PLEASE REFER TO THE TIPS under group instructions sheet for clear directions.
The scientific and management bibliographies are uploaded so use these to write the report. Again, make sure to consult the TIPS to answer every question. Total words is 1000. Also remember that you are working on part 2 only which is to write a report using the 2 sheets of annotations. Part one has been done already and that was the scientific and management annotation bibliographies. I hope its clear, otherwise, refer to the attachment.


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