Genetically modified embryos & Genetic research

Scientists are using genetically modified embryonic stem cells to study the role of specific genes in human development and aging and the genetic causes of diseases. Some people are concerned that these techniques could one day be used to “design” babies with certain desirable traits, creating a class of genetically enriched individuals and an inequitable society. Write a paragraph in which you choose a side on this issue and explore and defend you position. 5 marks for each: Organization, ideas, proper terminology, creativity, and answering all aspects of the question

2nd paragraph

Research 2 technologies that have been developed for genetic research or treatment of genetic disease. Using sources from print and electronic media, describe each technology and its applications in society. Outline any ethical issues related to the use of this technology. Include at least one example of a Canadian contribution to the specific type of genetic technology. Reference the sources. What are some of the social and political issues raised by this genetic research and/or reproductive technology?