Gender and Sexuality in World History

For this paper, you will choose ONE fairytale or children’s story. Any story, from any culture, will qualify.
You will then read the attached scholarly article and analyze the story you have chosen using this text.
You will need to do the following:
1. Find fairy tale or children’s story
2. Using the scholarly article attached, analyze your fairytale in 750-1100 words short paper by answering some of these questions:
 Why have you chosen this story?
 How is it relevant to the scholarly article?
 What are the main challenges and concerns described in your article that can be applied or observed through reading your story?

Your paper must have the following:
1. Header: Name, Title, Word Count
2. References (quotes) must be made to both fairytale and scholarly article in MLA style 3. Font: Times New Roman 12
4. Margins: normal
5. Double spaced