Give a 5 minute speech presentation about a fundraiser called “one hope” an organization dedicated to helping and inspiring Latino students of low-income or parents who struggle with the English language. The speech objectives is to be emotional and deep.
The main points to include are
– the organization was there for me when my father passed away and the leader picked my brother and I from the airport coming from Los Angeles and that day I did not realize this man would give me the essentials needed for life and school..he remsembled a father figure. I attended the program since the beginning of third grade- till present everyday after school and each day I grew as a person at the same learning Christian values.
-gain and met friendships with the other individuals who I still maintains close relationship with.
-without this program I would not be able to the first-generation Latino I am today.
– this program helped me get the confidence to overcome a severe stuttering.
-this program’s mission is important as it provides the tools and building authentic life-lasting relationship the same way it has done for me.