FREFC assignment 1: Critical evaluation of an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

For the original assignment in the 7LFS1037 EC module you were required, as an ecological consultant, to conduct an ecological appraisal of the

Bayfordbury Field Station site near Hertford. The site had been purchased by a theoretical developer and a housing development planned. An

extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey report was produced to assess the value of the site for wildlife and the possible impacts of the development.
For this FREFC assignment you are required to apply the knowledge and understanding gained while undertaking the extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

of Bayfordbury, to critically evaluate the content of ONE of the extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey reports provided:
• FREFC Oct 2017_Extended Phase 1 report_Swarkstone Quarry
• FREFC Oct 2017_Extended Phase 1 report_Helmshore
• FREFC Oct 2017_Extended Phase 1 report_Bicton College 2013
You should refer to the CIEEM Guidelines for Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (you will have consulted this document previously for the original

Bayfordbury assignment) when you undertake this evaluation. For example, does the report include an adequate evaluation of key factors such as

(but not limited to):
• habitats on site and in the surrounding area (e.g. is a sufficiently detailed Phase 1 map included?)
• connectivity of the site (including aerial photos or reference to them)
• designations of neighbouring areas (e.g. within 5 km)
• protected species or BAP species recorded in the local area (e.g. within 10 km)
• current management of the site
• the potential for protected species on site
• recommended requirements for Phase 2 surveys
It is suggested that you use online resources to investigate the location of the chosen Phase 1 site report (the location will be given in the

report) in its evaluation. For example OS maps, Google Earth, National Biodiversity Network (, Magic map (

and Nature on the map ( for designated sites.
An evaluation of individual sections of the chosen extended Phase 1 report should be undertaken with reference to the guidance provided in the

CIEEM Guidelines for Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, to include: summary, introduction, methods, results, discussion, recommendations,

references and appendices.
Word limit: 1500 words (excluding tables, references and appendices).

Some useful website: