foreign exchange market

As a guideline the following pattern can be used for write-up.

• Purpose: Importance and background of FX market.
• Reason of selecting the currency pair (I mostly use EUR/USDand I useleast GBP/ USD)

BODY (EXPLANATION OF TOPIC):( I use two strategies 1) Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) – 2) Scalping).
• Discuss your strategy in detail including the time period, day of trade, volume etc., (why are you not using STOP LOSS and what is your

best trading time and which chart you are following daily, weekly etc. Try to develop a strategy and follow it).
• Discuss the tools used for analysis before making the trade.
• Discuss how you used fundamental analysis and how you have used technical analysis before opening a trade.
• Briefly explain all the possible aspect of your topic but with clear understanding on your part.
• Your assignment should be well organized and description should be easy to follow.

• Summarize and highlight the key findings/points adequately and appropriately conclude the discussion.

• The reference section must be on a separate page.
• Only cite materials that were discussed/referenced in your project.
• List all references alphabetically by first author’s last name. If there is more than one reference by the same author, list them in

date order (newest to oldest).