Finance Essay

Describe the concept of asset turnover. What does the concept mean and why is it so important o understanding and interpreting financial


Assignment 4.3 Everyone will be assigned an individual question(s)/exercise(s) related to module 4 which needs to be posted to the Week 4

Discussion Forum. You will find your assignment in the weekly assignment folder on the Assignment worksheet. You need to answer/solve the

question(s)/exercise(s) you have been assigned and post your comments and solution. Your post should provide a detailed response if you are

assigned a question or a detailed calculation and support information on how you solved your assigned exercise. Also, you need to monitor your

question/exercise posting, since there may be questions asked for clarification. Create one new thread and type in the subject line of your

initial post the number(s) of the discussion number that you are assigned on the worksheet not what is in the textbook, since I have changed or

modified some questions. You then should include in your post the specific question(s) you have been assigned with your response. If you are

assigned an exercise(s), please put the exercise reference in the subject line, for example M1-19 or if your assigned a question and an exercise

#4 and M1-19. If you are assigned more than one question and/or exercise post all in one thread. To earn full credit you need to do all of the

following: try to solve the question(s)/exercise(s), show your work, answer any questions asked about your question(s)/exercise(s), post your

solution to the discussion board