The purpose of this paper is to reflect upon your growth and development as a generalist social worker during your field placement. For this

assignment, you will demonstrate your learning in the social work competency areas listed above. Drawing upon your logs and other course

materials, you will write a paper addressing 8 of the 10 competency areas including competencies 1 (professional identity) and 2 (ethical

practice) plus 6 more of your choice. Your paper should focus on selected field practicum tasks, assignments or activities that will allow you

to demonstrate application or integration of the specified competency area.
For each of the 8 competency areas you choose, you will write up to 1-page that includes the following:
Identify and define the competency (summarize the meaning in your own words, do not quote the textbook)
1. Identify one example from your field practicum experience (task, activity, assignment, or interaction) that illustrates how you

integrated knowledge, values or skills in this area. Your example should demonstrate evidence (e.g., client contact, administrative tasks, staff

meetings, telephone work) to support your use of the concept or skill in your practice work.
2. Explain the importance of this example for you and your development as a professional generalist social worker
3. Apply concepts from the course readings to discuss your examples

The final paper should be no more than 8, double-spaced pages (12 point font), using APA Style (6th Ed.) citation format. Your paper must

include a title page and reference page, which are NOT included in the 8 page limit.

Papers must be uploaded to Bb by 6 pm on Wednesday, May 18th.. Late papers will not be accepted.

Paper Outline and Assigned Points

1. Introduction: one paragraph about the agency you worked at and your role within the agency (i.e. advocacy, counseling,

benefit/entitlement assistance, administrative assistance, etc.) 5 points
2. Body of paper: identification, definition and application of 8 competencies (see 4 steps above) 80 points (10 pts. for each competency)
3. Conclusion: provide your assessment of what the practicum experience has meant to you so far. Describe the most important aspects of the

field experience for you and where you see your strengths 5 points
4. Writing and references: when using spellcheck and grammar check, there should be no green, blue, or red underlines anywhere in your

paper. If you were asked to use the writing center (see comments on midterm paper), please provide proof that you did so. You must adhere to APA

6th edition guidelines in the running head, page numbers, margins, line spacing, indentations, headings, and references. 10 points