fighting human trafficking.

I started Helpful Hands with 1 goal in mind. Help those in need before helping myself. I don’t need to be rich to be happy. That is why 50% of every Helpful Hands sale will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad, an organization fightig human tnrafficking. I believe everyone deserves a chance at freedom, don’t you agree?


About Me

I’m a very simple man from a simple background. I’ve never coveted the idea of being extremely rich and having nice things. I work in the vitamin industry, but my joy truly comes from helping those in need. I started Helpful Hands to help others, not myself. I’m not an english major, but everything written is from me. I want to show people that you don’t need to be an expert in any one area to do something amazing.


Why This Is Important

Helpful Hands was founded on the two things I know best, vitamins and helping others. There are millions of people on this earth that have had everything taken from them, especially their freedom. While there are so many problems that need to be solved, I feel in my heart that human trafficking is the one that needs the most attention. To fight this evil, Helpful Hands will sell vitamin gummies, while donating 50% of every sale to Operation Underground Railroad. Vitamin gummies are for everyone. Now you have a choice where you want your money to go when purchasing those vitamins, to help make the world a better place, or into a stranger’s wallet. Check out the website, and see what vitamins will be available at

What You Can Help Achieve

Every dollar counts when it comes to helping rescue children from human traffickers. O.U.R constantly needs funds to complete rescue missions, and that is where Helpful Hands comes in. Buying your vitamins from Helpful Hands enables you to help yourself while helping others. I want this company to be a machine that consistently donates thousands of dollars or more per week to help make our world a better place.


Where The Funds Go

Receiving $50,000 in funding is critical for this business to do what it was meant to do. With the $50,000, it would enable Helpful Hands to focus on giving back while having the money to grow. The more money that is available, the more new products we can sell. Vitamin gummies such as Turmeric + Ginger, Sugar Free Prenatal and Probiotic, Cranberry Extract, Propolis with Echinacea, Collagen, Hair Skin & Nails, Garcinia Cambogia, and more. The more this company grows, the more potential it has to help the children that have little to no hope of being saved from a living hell. There is no limit to the amount of good this company can do.



Help Yourself By Helping Others

The perks for helping fund this campaign are life changing. While they may seem like just bottles of vitamin gummies, the meaning and purpose behind the bottle is what truly makes each perk exciting. You can donate knowing your money will go towards an amazing cause, while you receive a bottle of vitamins that will keep you healthy and happy! Everyone wins.



If The Goal Is Not Reached

All of the funds, whether the goal is reached or not, will go towards supplying the demand for these vitamins. The more bottles that are sold, the more the company will grow. The more the company grows, the bigger difference it can make in children’s lives across the world.




The Impact

I like to think that there is still a very large amount of good people left on this earth who want to see change for the better. I look at every business around me and realize that most if not all of them are built to help themselves. Helping others will always be my main goal, I just hope you all can see my vision and jump on board. Our world is only getting worse, we need to do as much as we possibly can so the future is just a little brighter than yesterday. I will post monthly the amount of money donated to O.U.R. to show what kind of difference is being made by those who choose to support this company.




Risks & Challenges

I currently run another business with similar products. I have experience dealing with many different problems in this industry, overcoming each and every one quickly. The main challenge will be making sure the products are perfect. If I receive the vitamins from the manufacturer and they are not up to standards, there will be a delay. This is rare, and very fixable.



Other Ways You Can Help

If you are not able to contribute, please help spread the word. Vitamin gummies are for everyone, so the more people who can help contribute, the better! The Indiegogo share tools make it easy to get the word out to friends and family!


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