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Paper instructions:
Literary Argument and Research

Research a writer, genre, period, theme, or work that interests you. You
should begin by reading primary sources (pieces by the writer). Read the
works of a writer that intrigues you or a group of writers whose works
carry similar themes, styles, or genre. The more you read, the better you
will know your writer and the more options you will have when you choose
your subject, then narrow it to form your thesis. You should also locate
secondary sources, material about the writer or work. This will include
relevant biographical, historical, and critical information.

Paper Requirements (I will not read a paper that does not have all these
•Your paper should be at least 7-10 pages in length.
•Cite in your essay at least 5 sources; at least 3 of those sources must
be secondary sources.
•Follow MLA format when typing and documenting your paper (including
works cited list).
•Submit your Research Journal (which must include your bibliography and
source notes) on the day your final draft is due.
•Submit your final draft to turnitin.com.

*Research journal is just a collection of your sources with an annotated
summary of what you pulled from that source. Need at least 5 sources.