Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Find a case from Kroll Ontrack’s website that deals with one of the following the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, explain why the rule is important in the particular case, and create a presentation demonstrating your position.

  • Rule 26
  • Rule 29
  • Rule 33
  • Rule 34
  • Rule 37

This presentation is to be given as if you are presenting in a court of law and are explaining your findings to the jury.

The assignment should include the following:

  • An in-depth submission that should be free of spelling and grammar errors in APA format.
  • A professional presentation containing approximately 16 slides demonstrating your position.
  • Your presentation must be thought provoking, have well developed ideas and/or opinions, and should reference any supporting material from the text, lecture or other sources you have used to complete the assignment.
  • You may use your text or the internet as a reference, but remember to cite your sources.
  • You will be assessed on the rationale you use in addressing the questions/issue posted, and how well you justify your argument regarding this issue.