Facilitating and Evaluating Collaborative Work

Facilitating and Evaluating Collaborative Work
Collaboration and Consultation: Family, School, and Community Facilitating and Evaluating Collaborative work
Format for the paper:
– Type 1.5-spaced
– Font: Times New Roman, 12 point, black ink
– Margins 1 inch
– Cover page should identify the course, project, author, and date of text is #1, etc.
– Number pages using a word-processing program; the first page Professional Relationship;
– Headings (e.g., Background Information; Description of Process, Outcomes) paragraphs
-Write in narrative form in full sentences using paragraphs.;
-Use APA style (sixth edition) for citing course readings (e.g., Fiedler; Giangreco for the Keefe et al.; Lava; Riggs) that support your findings/ideas and for the format reference page. For support with APA style refer to: http://apastyle.apa.org/ used to
– Attach copies of completed survey instruments interview questions gather information
Pre-Service Teacher Education Candidates
Interview a professional in the field of special education in an effort to explore the collaborative nature of their work. Using tools and resources distributed that I will upload, design an interview protocol that will assist you in learning more about the work of the professional with particular emphasis on the team approach to service delivery. Write a summary of the conversation, a description of the person collaborative skills, and implications of these findings for your future teaching practice.
Select a co- teacher to interview who works interacts with a least 3 other professionals( special teacher education and pera) on a regular basis. You can interview a co- teacher grade 1 with special education teachers and
Write a series of interview questions that will reveal the collaborative nature of this professional’s work (ie,, expectation for collaborative work, challenges and strengths of partnerships, communication style etc.). Refer to course readings and tools distributed in class to inform creation of interview questions.
Send interview questions to me for review and approval
Conduct the interview, take notes during the interview
Write a paper describing your findings that should include:
Background Information
Rationale for selecting this professional. your relationship to this…( Im student teacher at S.P 9 brooklyn) . the professional’s background, credentials, number of years in field, ets., etc. Description of the professional’s current work with ( age , disability ). List the names/roles of the three people that the interviewee collaborates with who will be discussed in this paper.
Describe the interview process. Context for the conversation: tone/atmosph physical space/seating arrangements; time allocated; time spent attitudes towards this work. Implementation: Did you follow the interview schedule of questions that you created? How did you modify, if at all, the process or the question?
Describe how each of you participated in the interview process. What, if anything, did you learn about your own interpersonal skills through this process?
Description of how this professional collaborates with other professionals; her philosophy in regard to collaboration, communication style and patterns, how frequently she interacts with other professionals and or families, and purpose the collaborations. Include examples of successful collaboration and interactions challenges of collaboration.

-Your impressions of this person’s collaborative skills. Recommendations and suggestions to improve the collaborative nature of this professionals work.
– How will the information you have gathered from this process, influence your future teaching practice?

Rationale/Background Information [2 points]
Description of the interview process (5 points]
Description of Collaborative Skills (12 points]
Outcomes (8 points)
++ Impressions, Recommendations, Suggestions
++Impact on Teaching Practice
Citations readings [3 points]