explain the “culture of criminals” with specific emphasis on the issues of TRUST and ETHICS.

Question description

Spend two (2) pages explaining the “culture of criminals” with specific emphasis on the issues of TRUST and ETHICS. Then proceed in the next three (3) pages to elaborate and/or support/critique this culture. Is it true that in some ways criminals are more “trustworthy” and “honorable” than law-abiding business people and how they try to obtain an optimum position in the legitimate business world? After all the readings you have done in this course, do you feel it is possible to distinguish between legal and illegal activity or is the world at this point hopelessly twisted together and entangled? If you believe the latter, what does this signify for the future of global policing and the effort to deter corruption, both politically and economically?

Really dive into this topic from a philosophical perspective! Argue your way through it, one way or the other, MORALLY and ETHICALLY.

Format and Style Notes on Papers:

  1. All papers must be typed, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides IN WORD.
  2. Not more than 5 pages total.
  3. Double-space your entire paper, with no exceptions.
  4. 12-point, New Times Roman font.
  5. Save document with the following title (LASTNAME BRIEFING PAPER 1).
  6. Indent paragraphs one tab (1/2 inch).
  7. Right justify your pages.
  8. Do not use slang, vulgar language, or clichés.

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