Explain similarities and differences in cultures between the United States and China.

For your annotated bibliography, answer the following questions –
• What are the main arguments?
• What is the point of this book or article?
• What topics are covered?
• If someone asked what this article/book is about, what would you say?"
• Also address how YOU will use the source in your assignment.
• The length of your annotations should be one paragraph for each of your sources for a total of at least three sources. (Be sure to submit well-written, relevant, quality, scholarly, correctly-formatted sources.) A paragraph should be 5-8 sentences long. Your paragraph should paraphrase or summarize your sources in your own words.
• Be sure to use at least three reputable, scholarly references. (All annotations and entries must be of high quality and must follow the appropriate format.)
• One of the references should be your textbook for this class. Henretta, James A and David Brody. America: A Concise History, 4th ed. Vol. 2.
• One of the references must be a scholarly journal article. (See Scholarly v. Popular video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud0U-NWuIj8).
• No more than one of the references should be an encyclopedia entry. (This means you must consult a thorough encyclopedia, which provides long articles written by field experts.)
• Do not use web sites like Wikipedia, Hubpages, and Ask.com. They are quick and easy, but they are not very dependable and scholarly.
• Cite your sources using Turabian or Chicago styled notation.
• Make sure you consult a style guide or website for help with citing your sources.


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