experience of identifying and embodiment i

we discussed the concepts of “embodiment” and the experience of “identifying” and we explored them by playing Lim and began playing Life is Strange. For this reflection, you will discuss your experience of identifying and embodiment in the game Life is Strange and will compare it to another game we have played in this class so far (Lim, Coming out Simulator 2014,Unmanned, Refunct, Space Invaders). First, define the terms you will be using (embodiment and identifying) as we have discussed them in class. Then pick a moment of gameplay where you either experienced or did not experience identifying with the protagonist (Max). You will want to incorporate a discussion of mechanics and design. You may also want to talk about the mechanic of time travel in particular if it was significant (positively or negatively) to your experience of identifying with Max. Then, discuss your experience of embodiment in the gameworld focusing on how you move Max through space (and time) and how this adds to, or detracts from, your experience of immersion in the gameworld. Last, compare and contrast your experience of embodiment or identification to another game we have played in class so far.


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