examine the economic impact of ridesharing following the introduction of UberX into the Australian point-to-point transport market in 2014

Include graph ,diagram table etc.!!!
*It is advisable to save and submit your assignment as a PDF as it will ensure your diagrams, tables etc.
are more secure and won’t move around as they can in MSWord format.
N.B. Late extensions will generally not be granted unless there are exceptional circumstances and can only
be granted by the Unit Coordinator.
Graphs should be clearly presented with relevant axis labels and a title given to each graph.
*Diagrams are to be drawn electronically using the Insert  Shapes  Line feature in MSWord. You can
also search YouTube for “Drawing demand and supply diagrams in Word” for assistance.
Your assignment should include footnote identification (name and student ID) on the bottom left hand side,
and page numbers, on the bottom right hand side of the page.
Use size 12 font for your assignment and use bold font for the question numbers/parts.
Include at least four (4) authored and scholarly references for your assignment.
Up to three (3) marks will be deducted for insufficient referencing, incorrect in-text citation and for not
following the list of instructions below.
The aim of this assignment is to examine the economic impact of ridesharing following the introduction of
UberX into the Australian point-to-point transport market in 2014. Specifically, we will focus on the effects
to consumers and producers in the point-to-point transport market and the related welfare effects. The
assignment will draw on your understanding of some of the key concepts and models we have studied in
chapters 4 & 5 (together with some sections from chapters 6, 7 & 8) of Gans et al. (2015). Ensure your
responses to the assignment questions use economic terminology and analysis.
Question 1 – Disruptive Technologies
i. What is the meaning of the term “disruptive technology”?
(1 mark)
ii. List 2 examples of a disruptive technology and briefly explain in what way it has been disruptive
to the existing market.
(2 marks)
Question 2 – UberX and the point-to-point transport market
i. Compare the cost of a one-way trip from Deakin College (Burwood) to Melbourne’s CBD using a
taxi, with using an UberX. List both fare costs and provide a source where you retrieved your
information from.
(1 mark)
ii. Identify and briefly discuss 2 factors that help to explain the difference in the cost of using a taxi
and an UberX.
(2 marks)
iii. Consider the point-to-point transport market before the introduction of UberX. Use a fullylabelled
demand and supply diagram to represent the point-to-point transport market when
only taxis operate. (You do not need to use actual data for this diagram). Show the consumer
and producer surplus available in this market.
Using the same diagram, illustrate the effect on demand and/or supply following the
introduction of UberX. Explain the changes you have made including any changes to consumer
and producer surplus.
*Use the Insert  Shapes  Line feature in MSWord to draw and label your diagram.


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