Examine the difference between Truth and validity.

in this unit we are examining the difference between Truth and validity.

These are very different terms and I want to make sure you all

understand the difference and are comfortable how we will be using these

terms in this class. I would like you to apply these terms to the following situation. What is the Truth and validity here?

Here is a picture of Bat Boy that appeared in a now defunct tabloid, The Weekly World News (Links to an external site.).


As the story goes Bat Boy was captured in a cave and brought to a secret government facility to be studied. This seemed cruel and eventually he was released. Since that time he has appeared in this publication many times, becoming a bit of a folk hero.

There is even a musical based on his life, Bat Boy the Musical (Links to an external site.)

The question I have for you:

“Does Bat Boy Exist?” that is, “How sure are you of the existence or non-existence of Bat Boy?” After you answer this, you need to explain “Why or w