Read and then select one of the following prompt to respond to, focusing on the question at the end of that prompt. In responding
, you should consider both your own view on the question AND what the ethical theories we’ve studied thus far would indicate that we should

think about the topic. Also consider why other with different answers than your may object to your reasoning and attempt to preemptively

counter their objections.

Prompt C:
Question: Schyler and Tryne both sheltered Jews from the Nazis during the occupation of the Netherlands. They did so, however, for quite

different reasons.Trynewas a woman whose acts of kindness were purely spontaneous. Suffering and need spoke
to her heart and she responded without thinking. Friends admired her generosity of spirit, but sometimes reminded her that the road to hell was

paved with good intentions. ‘You may feel moved to give money to a beggar,’ they would say, ‘but what if he then spends it all on drugs?’ Tryne

was unmoved by such worries. In the face of human need, all you can do is offer a hand surely?
Schuyler, in contrast, was known as a cold woman. The truth was that she didn’t really like many people, even though she didn’t hate them

either. When she helped others, she did so because she had
thought about their plight and her duties, and concluded that helping was the right thing to do. She felt no
warm glow from her good deeds, only a sense that she had chosen correctly.Who of Schuyler and Tryne lived the more moral life?