Essay on Terrorism

The definition of terrorism has been described as both a scheme and a plan; a disobedient and an obedient; a rationalized reaction to subjugation and unthinkable abomination. Terrorism has always been an effective way for the weakest side against the strongest side. It is very hard to detect the approach or emergence of act of terrorism. This is mainly because of its small size in nature and the fact that its secretive plan is always instantaneous.

Terrorism is all over the world. It is not associated to a particular area. Recently, it has been rampant and seems like moving out of hand even for the strongest countries. Despite the fact that it has been strongly opposed by leaders globally in international meetings, it is linearly increasing and creating a subject of concern. Terrorist uses all sorts of fatal weapons to terrorize their targets: they use explosive bombs, grenades, powerful guns, raping and kidnapping women and children, hijacking cars and other means of transport and participating in creation of fear.

Terrorism has created panic in people’s life. People are feeling unsecure to tour places of attractions because of unexpected havoc that terrorists craft day in day out. This senseless activity, which ill-mannered individuals perceived as a way of communicating their matter, is too big to be ignored. It has cost the life of many; children have been rendered orphans, husbands become widowers, wives become widow, people have been maimed and others displaced from their homes because of this bloody act. This has been witness mostly in India, Afghanistan, Germany, Libya and other parts of the world.

Terrorists have a preference of overthrowing the ruling class to gain power instead of using democratic means. They disturbed peaceful coexistence of people by creating cocoons inform of tribe, race and nepotism for their own selfish gain. They are normally financed by powerful and influential people in government by supplying them with crude weapons, foods, training and other tools for attacking. This uncalled-for act respect no race, color, religion, age or land. It is spread all over the world and is usually associated with political disadvantage groups, religious division and misdirected associations in the society. What these vulnerable groups do is to indulge in killing of innocents, raping and kidnapping the weakest people in the society like children and women to accomplish their narrow-minded aims. Occasionally, terrorists may have genuine objectives but the way they raise their concern is illegal. As an alternative, they can use lawful way like launching their complaints in court or requesting for a referendum if it is something to do with the government.

Terrorism in Middle East Countries like Afghanistan is not a novel to many, but it has escalated in the last few days. Terrorism in Afghanistan started around October 2001 as a results of President Bush’s promise to overthrow the Taliban government, which has shouldered wanted world wanted criminals, Osama bin Laden and other members of Al Qaeda members (Zalman, 2010). People misapprehended him for colonization. And in respond, individuals and small groups applied suicidal bombing as a communication of their objection. This form of terrorism went into extend where some brought in an issue of religion; Christianity against Muslim. Misled innocent followers began attacking one another with seeds of hatred, pain, separation and communal divide that has been hard to heal.

Terrorism in India has also been well pronounced. The growing of radical arid terrorism in the North-Eastern states of Nagaland, Assam, Mizoram and other states has been an issue of concern. The past government of this country has not been able to harmonize the issue of tribalism. Consequently, this has planted a feeling of hatred, isolation and discord in the hearts of people. The people failed to see enough reason of being part of their country. Some of them decided not to participate in the election process or any activity the government was undertaking and instead, they organized themselves into groups of terrorism to air their grievance (Kumar, 2012). The war against the government erupted. Neighboring countries that were against the government of India facilitated the hostility which was never successful. This occurrence of terrorism in the North-Eastern part of India was an indication that leaders have failed to educate their people about the importance of unity rather than tribalism in the progress of their country.

Terrorism in Punjab was facilitated mainly by psychological, emotional and religious factors. The urge of separation of Khalistan was too strong to resist. Eventually both the government and the people made crucial decision in which democratic election was held and the security of the country was restored. Pakistan helped Punjab by supplying arms of ammunition and finance to curb the spread of terrorism in the area. It was noticed that widespread unemployment, poverty, alienation and denial access to basic needs was fueling the eruption of violence in Punjab.

Terrorism can be solved through understanding and cooperation of world countries. It is a global issue which needs international unity. All governments of the world are supposed to come together to cut-down the activities of the terrorists. The reasons that lead to eruption of terrorism are supposed to be critically analyzed and firm solution to be put in place. Act of terrorism has no winner or loser. It is a madness way of achieving their short term self interest by a few individuals. Terrorism affects the quality of life and the relationship that exist among people.