REMEMBER: Your essay should have three distinct paragraphs:
• Your first paragraph should introduce the source and review the bibliographic information (author, type, date).
• Your second paragraph should summarize the contents of the source effectively and completely.
• Your third paragraph (the conclusion) should explain how the source helps us better understand the larger context of world history as discussed in the assigned textbook chapters
• Choose one source from one of the categories listed below for your Essay post. Make sure the subject line of your essay lists both the category number and the source number.
Category 1: European Exploration of the Americas
1. Excerpts from Columbus’ journals at
2. An account of the English exploration of Cape Cod at
3. An account of Native Americans and the French at
4. A discussion of Native Americans from an English settler in New England:
5. William Penn advertises for settlers:
6. A record of Native American grievances against the English:
7. Native Americans plead for religious toleration:
8. A Native American response to European claims to superiority at
9. A Native American remembers life before the arrival of Europeans:
Category 2: European Exploration of Africa and the Slave Trade
1. “Thoughts and Sentiments on the Evil of Slavery” by a former slave: AND
2. The personal account of one man’s enslavement:
3. An account of the slave trade at h
4. An account of a former slave trader at (pay attention to his descriptions of the slave trade)
5. A coffee planter reflects on the nature of slaves and slavery (1798):
6. Primary source images related to slavery: (Choose one category, look through the images, choose a few to concentrate on and then discuss them in your essay; specifically refer to at least one image and describe it to meet the quote requirement)
Category 3: European Exploration of Asia
1. An Englishman describes his first experiences of Japan at