Erdogan's Turkey and The Rise of Right Wing in the World

Please write a not so advanced English paper about where the world is going with the rise of heavily right wing movements becoming more mainstream. Talk a bit about Brexit, Trump, Marine Le Pen but focus mostly on Turkey and Erdogan. Focus on how Turkey, a nation founded on the democratic/modern principles of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, is turning into an authoritarian regime with Erdogan’s rule. Write about how his authoritarianism has escalated after the Gezi protests and also how he really started cracking down on the opposition after the failed coup attempt that took place on July 15th and how the people got divided with the referandum that took place on April 16th and was a very close vote. Talk also about how Erdogan loves and idolizes Ottoman Empire and keeps on saying that 2023 is his target (100th year of the Republic). Make sure you talk a little about the history of the Turkish Republic (foundation, major events that took place, Ataturk..) and some key points that changed in the constitution after the referandum and such so you don’t have to get into a lot of detail in the deeper issues. Basically Turkey was modern government, Erdogan came along, got more religious(ex: harder to buy alcohol) and with all the events specially during the referandum period the people started dividing as pro or anti Erdogan and now heading to an unknown direction. Nationalism rised, religion is rising and some parts of society have a huge Otttoman Empire fantasy. You can ask me anything about Turkey while writing about it and I will tell you what you need to know. Have a tone as if you’re Turkish and you really don’t like Erdogan and you’re very pro-Ataturk (Kemalist) and very secular. I didn’t get into detail on how you should write about the other parts of the world you probably already know those events pretty well. You can use any news article or anything you find as a source just write down what they are. Please don’t use a very advanced level of English and please ask me whenever you need information about Turkey. I’m Turkish. I recommend you watch some videos on youtube about Turkey and the referandum to get a full insight on the subject.P(5.u)

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