Environmental Issues

Assessment Purpose
The aim of this task is to assess your understanding of ideas discussed in the class and to demonstrate your capacity to analyse and make an

argument. This is a summative essay designed to test your analytical, research, and writing skills. There will be no formative feedback.

Assessment Details
1. Analyse bushfire risk in Victoria, Australia using the concept of sustainable development. [50% of marks]. Further to this, analyse who

‘wins’ and who ‘loses’ as part of the bushfire risk problem-solution. [50% of marks]

Assessment Criteria
For this task, you are required to analyse a topic and produce an argument. What this means is that you will craft a logical, linear, and well-

supported argument. Please include at least 5 references (the Reference List is not counted towards the word limit, but in-text citations are

counted). Each submission is allowed one relevant table or figure that does not count towards the word count.

For this task, it is expected that you produce an analysis rather than a description. Do not merely summarise the literature or describe what

others have said. This is the case particularly for the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ discussion. Originality and creativity are features of High

Distinction, but always in the context of academic publications.