Entrepreneurial Self Assessment Analytical Paper


Subject: Business
Objective: To analyze self against theory The assignment is to write an analytical paper. You will
take an entrepreneurial self test then select three of the theories/characteristic/traits you have 5
studied and find to be persuasive explaining how you think you either fit or do not fit within these
contexts. Google “entrepreneurial self assessment”; select one from the many assessments and
complete it. Employing the entrepreneurial selftest, define how you fit or do not fit within these
theoretical frameworks. First, Do you agree with this assessment? Why or Why not. Second, Which
three theories/characteristics/traits do you think best describe your fit to entrepreneurship? and
Why. The paper should be 4-6 pages double spaced. Isuggest at least one page per characteristic.
APA format is required. Use APA for all citations and references.