Enterprise Architecture model


Enterprise Architecture model
Complete Power Point presentation developing a model Public Management Information System(PMIS) utilizing the five (5) elements of enterprise

architecture Chapter 7
• Develop a model Public Management Information System (PMIS) utilizing the five (5) elements of enterprise architecture.
• Reference will be made to the PMIS preparation guide.

Power Point Presentation Guide and Summary Posting Instructions
You are to prepare a five to eight-minute power point presentation with voice over.Please ensure that the presentation does not exceed the eight-minute

limit nor does it fall short of the five-minute time limit minimum.
The power point grading rubric will be utilized in this assessment. In addition, you are to incorporate as many applicable chapter concepts to support

your recommendations. You are allowed to utilize “bullet points” in your presentation as long as your verbal narrative coincides with the information

presented. In advance, please familiarize yourself with the IT requirements for posting to the Assignment Section to ensure that you meet the required


Remember, it is not just about throwing terms/concepts at-will to fill your presentation but how you use them in your presentation in a convincing

matter. In your presentation, you can mention them also as an example, illustration or concept as you present your responses to the questions.You will

be scored based upon the Power Point Rubric.