One ofthe components that is often missing from the evaluation papers I grade are specific production details about each film or video for the

essay. These details include the release date. the production company and the director. for instance. They need to be woven into your sentences like

Released in 2009 by Warner Brother Films. Siumdog Millionaire revolves around the life of an orphan who rises from the Mumbai slums to star status as a
game show contestant.
In his October 2015 presentation for TedTaIks- University of Colorado in Colorado Springs professor Chris Bell contemplates the lack of female super

in our culture.
If examining films. it is also important that students introduce the characters in the film and the actors or actresses who portray them in a

process- Here is an example:
Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) and Jenny (Robin Wright) encounter nearly every key event that defined the 6os and 703.
Here is your assignment: Please gather the following information about your two films or videos to include in your paper due next week- A good resource

this information is the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) or the introductory paragraphs to each Ted Talks video. You will only answer one set of questions
below based on whether you have chosen films or Ted Talk videos:
If you have chosen two films. answer these questions:

1- What is the release date for each film?

2- Who is the director of each film?

3- List four key characters (actors or actresses who portray them)-

4- In what era is each film set?

5- Where is the setting for each film?
Or, if you have chosen to TedTaIk videos or documentaries, answer these questions:

1- What is the date of each presentation?

2- What specific biographical details can you include for each Ted Talks speaker?

3- What city or campus hosted each Ted Talk video?

4. What appears to be the problem addressed for each Ted Talk video? For instance. Chris Bell’s presentation is concerns the lack of female

5- What visual aids or examples does the Ted Talk speaker use to convey his or her points?